Pre-Employment Background Check Services Singapore

Exactitude Solutions Pte Ltd is one of the most well known background check companies based in Singapore noted for offering reliable employment screening services to companies from diverse industry verticals. We can deliver smart end background check services for your company that can provide you with the peace of mind you need when you are looking to hire new employees for your employees. Our pre-employment background check expertise covers all essential aspects and once we are done, we will provide you with a comprehensive report for your reference.

Here are some of the critical aspects of our pre-employment screening services.

Verification of Education Qualifications

While offering our background check Singapore solutions, we advice our clients to make use of our education qualification verification services. We can verify the educational qualifications of your prospective employees and assist you in avoiding probable damages and problems that may result from credentials fraud.

Employment History

When you are looking to make use of our pre-employment vetting expertise, you should definitely check the employment history of your candidates. We can check through the previous employment records of your candidate, job titles, dates of employment, salary drawn for every job as well as reasons for resigning.

Past Employers Testimonial

Being skilled at staff screening Singapore, we understand the value of a recommendation letter documents from previous employers. This can actually be a source of valuable information about the candidates and let you know about the type of employee you are going to hire, the skills that they have, how good at socializing and team work they are and whether they are good in the work that they do.

Criminal Record Checks

Along with our background check services, we can also carry out criminal record checks to see whether your prospective candidates have any kind of criminal records. This will help you to make safe recruitment choices and ensure safety for vulnerable groups and children so that they are not harmed by any of your employees.

Personal Information Validation

We can confirm that all personal information offered by the candidate is accurate or not. These include name, phone number, address and any other type of personal information. 

Social Media Profile

We can go through the social media profiles of your candidates to see if there are any discrepancies with the job applications. Social media has evolved into a major platform for the screening of job applicants prior to hiring.

Our efficiency in vetting perspective employees makes us one of the most reliable background check companies in Singapore. So call us today for the best solutions.