Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-Employment Screening

Exactitude Solutions has an effective screening process for hiring companies to catch invalided documents and rogue employees. It is significant to get the best-qualified people with the professional abilities to take the business to the following level.

We understand that hiring someday on contract whom you do not read very well is risky for a Human Resource department and the company.

Indeed, no one can tell firsthand while hiring what the person’s best course of action or even thoughts for the applied position. We assist in abstaining from such casualties of problematic candidates, it is fitting to look for the help of a private agent to ask a pre-employment screening.

In any case, there are a few incidents where recruiters fall short of background checks of the candidates before hiring. For these situations to avoid, we provide pre-employment screening service in Singapore.

What is Pre-Employment Screening?

Pre-Employment screening is a process to verify details submitted by candidates for a specific position. It involves background checks with mentioned people and confirmation of the data that they give. Through this service, we offer companies to approve the certifications of candidates for future references.

Why Should You Choose a Pre-Employment Screening Service?

Exactitude Solutions provide professional screening to different organizations for selecting new representatives/employees. The following benefits can be taken as the key role of this service for new/old organizations to safeguard their work culture:

  • Protection of Employers against legal claims of careless recruitment methods;
  • Prevention of Fraud;
  • Detection of Past Violent Employ Behavior;
  • Hiring of Candidates worth Investing Time and Capital.

With this service, we help businesses to construct their trust for authentic data submission during the recruitments.

Pre-Employment Screening in Singapore

Nowadays, organizations hire different people from different backgrounds with their Human Resource Department to procure new employees. However, there are situations when these people neglect to do the screening, signaling to capital losses.

Exactitude Solutions works on the ideal approach to hiring; it is first to check whether the potential representatives are in the criminal or blacklisted databases or not.

We understand that the regular attempt to obtain certain verification detail about candidates during the employment process is difficult for companies, so we provide this service. We have various methods to seek verification data so companies can know about the character, conduct, and past services of an applicant before the individual in question is employed.

Exactitude Solutions can enable you to uncover discrepancies of applicants, including hidden/morphed information. We have procedures and devices to use for the collection and verification of information.

There are some basic pointers to screening: checks on CVs, resumes, and references; database check on private and open records; and phone-verification to candidates close associates.

Exactitude Solutions do individual verification on potential candidates and his/her past employment and even file lawsuits if not dealt with cautious. Significantly, the verification process is for professional pre-employment screening analytical specialists with the best involvements in this business. Contact us for pre-employment screening services in Singapore.