Pre-Employment Vetting

Pre-Employment Vetting

Pre-Employment Vetting is a process of examining the potential employee and the submitted documents before and after the offer letter of employment. It is a crucial process for corporates to reduce the risk of hiring a person who could cause business difficulties.

Exactitude Solutions performs verifications on candidates and representatives as a compelling method to find potential issues that could damage your business after the hiring process.

We will provide information to your Human Resource Department to maintain your company’s risk factors and settle on the verified candidate choices only.

We give solutions that do the inside and out research on profiles expected to choose administrators, directors, and if there is general staff selection; including past criminal records, personal money related issues and disarranged social media profiles.

The information we will collect and present will enable you to take your enlisting decisions, the contracting choices of outsiders that you may outsource to or potentially as a part of post-hiring screening.

Exactitude Solutions provides the following pre-employment vetting services:

Criminal Record  

We will let you know whether a candidate has a criminal record or not. It is an important step in evaluating the risk of bringing that individual into your association.

Indeed, out of every odd charge, some would keep a candidate from being enlisted, having such information will enable you to settle on a wise choice.

All this data permits you to evaluate the pertinence of the record to the position’s level of duty, resources or clients exposure, and other criteria.

Court Cases

We have a system of civil litigation intended to evaluate the potential employee’s financial stability, reputation and reliability. Moreover, this information can help to settle any risk over the company.

Social Media

We will provide you with a full background of your candidate’s social media life. This verification uncovers unlawful involvement, possible vicious conduct, prejudice and racism, or even frauds.


When considering an applicant, it is basic that the individual is suitable for the position. We give information that distinguishes if the person has provided false or overstated qualifications. It is critical to inspect the data presented on the list of qualifications.

Previous Employment History

Basically, a candidate is suitable for the position on offer is a facts-based decision. We check on the data given as candidates often provide false or misrepresented accreditations, and it is critical to check the credential data on the list of references.

Drug Abuse Screening

Exactitude Solutions understand that one of the pressing issues affecting the work environment is the use of liquor and recreational drugs. Despite the size of a company, it’s critical to know about the impacts of substance abuse at work.

We perform obligatory substance abuse tests for your company and decrease the risks and employment bids. The job offers will then upon passing pre-employment drug and liquor screening.

Our pre-employment screening service is available for any size of business. You may are an outsource employment company or human resource department; we cover your risk employment risk factors.