Staff Screening Singapore

Staff Screening Singapore

Exactitude Solutions has the staff screening in Singapore service based on the Fortune 500, and global MNCs directed screening methods. With our service, you will see a rise in hiring employees that has no fraudulent history.

We screen situations where applicants have false qualifications or have lied about or fashioned their capabilities.

Moreover, with us, companies understand that staff screening lowers the bad hiring risk factor. The screening process can help corporate public and reputational harm.

For the most part, staff screening is a fresh idea in Singapore and therefore, we provide detailed information on understanding what the screening procedure involves.

Official Staff Screening in Singapore

Screening is a practice that adopts a risk-free strategy to employments offered. We screen low maintenance staff even that may not come in light consistently, but instead, they have similar access to the workplace premises, resources and data as others. Thus representing a risk to the company.

We Make the Procedure Consistent

It’s essential to become aware of the screening process and why you need it. We propose that the more agreeable the applicants are and the quicker they provide the data required, the faster organisations can lead the check.

Exactitude Solutions discovered that in certain organisations, there are different partners included, including the high-stand group, staff who oversee the program or liaise with potential employees.

We know the absence of communication between the different offices can cause complications and draw out the screening process. In this situation, we come to show facts and verification.

We will help to accelerate the procedure and save time to enlist, as we have advanced set up to make the process progressively effective and consistent.

By altogether checking and confirming employment history, we will assist you on whether your candidate has the right aptitudes and experience for the job on offer, enabling you to make a reasonable, wise choice.

The Key Benefits of Staff Screening:

Checking Your Candidate’s Understanding

Verification of Your Applicant’s Information

Solicitation of Employment History Check

What to Do and What Not to Do in Staff Screening in Singapore?

We ensure you to get the candidate’s consent, advise them about the screening process. We will help you in drafting a screening contract for the firm with all the checks required by jobs. Moreover, the sorts of checks are upon the responsibility and position of the individual under screening.

For some cases, we avoid online networking profiles to use as a check of the applicant’s ability and reasoning. We do not limit the candidate if there are negative discoveries during a check. Expect to see whether there is a valid justification behind it or not.

However, somebody’s employment history can be tiresome and troublesome. So with regards to screening, trust the specialists.

Exactitude Solutions will get a full review of your candidate’s employment history, without reaching each previous manager or depend on off base or decorated data, demand a work confirmation from us. We will give all the data you need in an opportune.